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Classified Ads – Free – Dealtent

Classified Ads – Free at Dealtent

Dealtent has been around a long time, but we’re new to listing classified ads. We thought long and hard about the best way to serve, It seemed to us classifieds is a great way to help people connect!
See, auctions are what we did for a while, Auctions are really just weird classifieds that increase the product price the more interest there is in the product. That incremental process reveals “a” market value. That value is dependant on what that group of people think at that moment. Yet, a market value really is determined on what someone is willing to pay for any particular item.

Auctions are Fun! And not…

I LOVED participating in auctions back in the day, and could get great deals at times, however, one thing that was always tiresome was the competitiveness of it all. Folks sniping on prices, waiting until then last second to bid. Other folks enlisting the help of friends to raise the bids up and up. Ugh. And when it’s all said and done, and independent auction site has a snowball’s chance in the furnace against the likes of Ebay. So we cut it out.

Onward and Upward

Dealtent Classifieds Ads

Anyway, this is what we do now, classified ads! For those of you who have stick with us for since, what, 2004? Thanks! And those who join us, and those staying with us going forward, thanks too!

We profoundly feel that fair is fair. You list an item for a price, if no one like that price, it doesn’t sell, simple as that. Relist it, maybe with better verbiage, maybe with a more attractive price/offer. With auctions, each listing failure or not, costs the listing party money. Listing fees, time, aggravation, it costs. and with a completed sale, there’s the final value costs, payment processing cost, and on and on.

Free classified ads are simpler

First of all, a free classified ad is, well, free. No bidding, although we do have a program whereby buyers can bid if the ad is set up that way. Still the price to list is exactly zero. And there are no Final Value Fees.
That means there are no costs to pass along to the buyer, in terms of cost to list. In theory, that means any items listed, in particular, SHOULD be a net savings to all party’s.

Sellers May Upgrade

We also have listing plans in place that let you upgrade when listing your classified ads. That is, if you choose to do so. the basic level, free listings, comes well equipped. The next level, Normal, cost $1, and has more goodies. The next level Best, is only $2.00 per listing more than the free level, and $1 more than the normal listing, but is even better equipped. Further, Normal and Best levels give you the ability to feature your listing. Free doesn’t do that, sorry. The Normal and Best listing plans can range from $20 to $50 in some places I have seen!!!
Check it here!

We also offer three levels of listing packages. These give you a number of Free, Normal, and Best listings, and a further discount. This is important if you’re a mass listing¬†pro, in other words.
See the listing packages here!

Classified Ads Are Not a New Idea

Newspaper Classified Ads image

The first ever classified ad was listed in 1477. the first one in English was listed in the 1600’s.

Then there was the newspaper age, the internet, etc. One thing that bothers me about the main classified ad portal on the planet, is that Craigslist is oddly regional, and so last century. They could seriously use a graphics boost. However, that entity hosts in incredible amount of free ads every single day, so they have done something right. Yet, I think that is not enough. Let’s see if we can drag classifieds into this century.

Do yourself a favor and read up on the topic at Wikipedia! Classified Ads – A history.

Come, make a deal under the tent,